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The "Gallagher"  Spa Experience

Why buy a spa from Gallagher Pools and Spas? Below are just a few reasons why:

  • Gallagher Pools and Spas has a service team that is highly trained and ready to meet any service or warranty needs in a timely manner. 

  • White glove delivery- included with all of our spas is a white glove delivery experience. We will go over any delivery concerns prior to the spas arrival and then make sure that we are able to do what it takes to set the spa in the desired location.

  • Tired of hidden fees? We are too. That is why our purchase price includes standard delivery, tax, a three month supply of chemicals, spa school, a cover, and steps. 

  • Once the spa has been delivered, we have a retail space that is staffed by highly equipped individuals that can test your water and answer any questions!

  • 0% financing. Where else can you purchase a product like this and pay over 36 months with no interest costs! 


How much is a Bullfrog Spa? 

Bullfrog spas are some of the most highly sought-after models due to innovative technology and a long-standing reputation for quality, and are built in the USA. 

Here we provide an explanation of each of the Bullfrog Series and the Bullfrog hot tub prices so you can make the right choice about which model is best for your home, needs, and budget.

A SERIES - Luxury Class


The Bullfrog A series represents the pinnacle of Bullfrog’s expert engineering. It has designed these luxury spas to deliver an unforgettable experience every time. These hot tubs come with customizable jets, giving each individual user the hydrotherapy experience that they need. You can expect to pay around $12,000 to $20,000 for an A series luxury hot tub with nine models to choose from. Some of the features the A series is known for are:

  • JetPak Therapy System: This unique and proprietary technology provides you with your choice of up to 16 different massages. A Series spas feature a unique JetPak® of your choice in each premium seat. By selecting your JetPaks and placing them in the spa seats you like, you decide exactly how you want your spa experience to feel.

  • A premium touch screen control system is available in all A Series spas. These intuitive systems make it easy to control water temperature, lighting, jets, and more. A Series spas also feature conveniently located auxiliary controls that allow you to control your jetted massages from any place in the spa.

  • Your A Series spa features a premium lighting package to set the perfect mood for relaxation. A Series spa models feature extensive full color in-spa lighting, back-lit water features, lighted cup holders, a power indicator light and exterior sconce lighting for safety.

M SERIES - Elite Class


The Bullfrog M Series is a spa built for the elite. With captivating aesthetics, unmatched versatility, and the ultimate luxury experience, this spa was build to provide a peaceful body, mind, and home. With four different models ranging from $20,000 to $25,000 there is a size to fit every space. Some of the features include:

  • M Series Spas feature built-in smart sensors. If you get the optional CloudControl 2™ wifi module, you can receive push notifications when your spa cover has been removed for added safety and peace of mind.

  • Your M Series spa features premium LED surround lighting to set the perfect mood for relaxation. Enjoy a safer and more luxurious spa experience with full-color in-spa lighting, back-lit water features, lighted headrests, and impressive exterior rim lighting for both visual appeal and safety as you approach your M Series spa.

  • In-Seat Multi-Function Control Centers​ allow you to control all jetting​, activate lighting, control push-button water features​, and regulate the volume of the M Series hidden speaker audio system, all without having to move from your favorite spa seat.

  • Nothing adds to the ambience of spa relaxation quite like a peaceful and relaxing waterfall. The soothing sounds of falling waters remind us of beautiful tropical cascades, transporting you in seconds to that tranquil place.

X SERIES - Comfort Class


Built using Bullfrog’s innovative EnduraFrame technology without wood or metal to avoid corrosion or rotting over time. These are Bullfrog’s most affordable spas costing  between $9,000 and $13,000, yet they still provide unparalleled luxuriant comfort. Some of their most attractive features include:

  • Enhance your relaxation experience by setting the perfect mood. Your X Series hot tub comes with an incredible lighting package that includes full color LED lighting, along with the option to upgrade with full-color backlit stainless steel spa jets.

  • Your X Series spa feature a beautiful backlit water feature. The sounds sights of smooth falling water are the perfect way to establish a tranquil environment and transport yourself away from stress and worries. Fully adjustable water fall for just the right ambiance.


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