Update: 4/2/2020



Gallagher Pools and Spas falls under the category of essential businesses for a number of reasons, including but not limited to the health concerns with water care. Water that is not properly maintained can serve as a breeding ground for potentially fatal viruses including E.coli, Malaria, West Nile and Zika. The governors most recent order states "products needed to maintain safety, sanitation, and essential maintenance of the home or residence." Due to this, we will be remaining open during our normal hours of Monday through Friday, 9 to 4 and Saturday from 9 until 1.


Store Protocol:

At this time, we have decided to lock our retail store door and only offer “curbside” service. Upon arrival at the store, please call 410-876-3535 to inform a sales representative that you are present and what it is that you would be needing. If you are bringing in a water sample to be tested, we are currently recommending using a recycled plastic water bottle that can be disposed of after the water is tested. Any product that is needed can be discussed by phone or while the customer remains in the car.


In order to keep combatting this virus, even though customers will not be directly in the retail store, procedures have been put in place for employees to sanitize all high traffic surfaces twice daily with approved cleaners. All employees are also being required to properly wash hands before and after any interaction with a customer to keep both parties as safe as possible.


Service Protocol:

All service will continue as scheduled. However, all technicians have been instructed to not approach customers or their home unless necessary. Instead technicians will be calling upon arrival to clarify that they are there and determine if there are any questions or concerns. If the customer wishes, the technician can call after the service is complete. We also ask that customer do their part by having all equipment outside prior to the technician’s arrival and not approach our employees. No signature is required, and a digital copy of the receipt will be emailed once the service is complete.


Delivery Options:

At this time, we are offering free delivery on orders of over $100. This can include chemicals, equipment, toys, floats, and any other retail product. This is limited to our normal service area. For service customers, if there are extra products that you would need, please request them prior to your service so that they can be brought out.


Sales Calls:

At this time, all in store sales calls have been postponed. However, in todays world of technology, there are still plenty of options that we can discuss including video calls, screen sharing, and online financing and payment processing. If there is anything that you are interested in, please do not hesitate to reach out.


Final Thoughts:

During this time, we want to encourage our customers and employees that we are doing our part to help and keep everyone safe. We understand that during this time, there will be more time spent at home, and we want to do everything in our power to make that an enjoyable experience whether it be your pool, spa, or outdoor furniture. We will continue to keep the public informed with any changes that are being made. Any questions, please feel free to reach out. In this time, we hope and pray for everyones safety and health and thank you for being a customer of Gallagher Pools and Spas.


Randy Gallagher


Updated 4/2

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